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"If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse" (H. Ford)

The new ebook of Andrea Payaro

October 2016. He presented "Logistics Outsourcing and SMEs in Italy. Results from an analysis." at 10th Anniversary International Scientific Conference “Logistics in the Changing World” University of National and World Economy - Sofia - Bulgaria.

September 2016. He presented "Logistics Outsourcing. Why do any Italian SMEs adopt the externalization or not?" at Eurasia Business and Economics Society - Wien - A.

June 2016. He presented "Products suitable for ecommerce. A proposed model for click and bricks companies" at International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues - Crete - GR.

June 2015. He presented "E-complaint services for consumer goods. Results from an empirical analysis in Italian supermarkets" at International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues - London - UK.

Jannuary 2015. He presented "Dashboard for lean companies. A proposed model with the collaboration of ten large italian enterprises" at 15th Eurasia Business and Economics Society - Lisbon Portugal.

October 2014. He presented "The wastes in lean marketing: a proposed taxonomy" at International Conference on Business Excellence - Romania.

Jun 2014. He presented "Wastes and tools in the lean marketing strategy: an exploratory study in the Italian SMEs" at International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues - Grecia.

May 2014. Trainer of Warehouse Management at United Nations - Logistics Base - Brindisi.

HiT, a Bulgarian Magazine, interviews Dr Payaro about the traceability in the food industry - HiT, rivista Bulgara, intervista il Dr. Payaro sulla tracciabilità nel settore agroalimentare.(Maggio 2008). Article in Bulgarian Language

Certificates consignation at Sophia University. In the picture Andrea Payaro, Domenico Netti, President of AILOG, Plamen Mishev (Vice-Chancellor), Pavel Dimitrov, Fabrizio Camastra (director of ICE Sophia) (March 2008). Article in Bulgarian Language

Presentation (Feb. 2007) of "Improving fulfillment process with closed loop supply chain" at First Level Master's degree in sustainable transport, geographic information, logistics and economic integration in central and south-eastern Europe. University of Trieste.

Payaro A., Busetto S. (2006), "Traceability in the food-sector. The state of the art in a North Eastern Italian Region" at 7th International Conference on data, text and web mining their busine ss applications and management information engineering, Praha.

A new project to sustain the innovation of the SME. This project aims to drive SME from transport operators to third party logistics providers. See details (italian)

Presentation of the seminar "e-Logistics: strenghts and weakness" at TTS 05, international fair of trasports and technologies, Parma - Italy (Feb 2005) [Download presentation - Italian].

Payaro Andrea has presented "e-Logistics: Tools and Strategies" at the inter-cultural project Veneto-Romania, University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (November 2003).

Payaro Andrea presented "The role of the Internet in procurement and fulfillment processes" at the International Congress "e-Challenges e-2003" organized by European Commision, Bologna, 22-24th October.

Payaro Andrea presented ""Integrating Supply Chains and Internal Operations Through e-Business" at the 2ND International Symposium on Logistics, Salzburg, 2002.