Marketing is satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process (Kotler).

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We develop strategies that aim to satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process. We adopt the new concept of Lean Marketing.
Our services are:

  • Market researches
  • Product positioning
  • Management of the point of sell (Visual Merchandising)
  • Customer Service Management
  • Organitazion of blind test e focus group

Latest Projects

Jun 2014. We presented the paper "Wastes and tools in the lean marketing strategy: an exploratory study in the Italian SMEs" at International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues - Greece.
May 2014. The market of marble: the main countries to export from Italy
Jan 2014. Available on ebook the new book of Payaro Andrea. See Amazon: "Help! How to defend yourself against marketing and its strategies"
Dec 2013. The positioning of Prosecco in the north east of Italy: perceptions, shelf positioning and mental associations.