Consulting and Trainging for Companies

"Today we live the choices made in the past. Now we can choose how to live in the future."

i love free templates... Degree in Management Information Systems; Philosophy Doctor (Ph.D.) in Business Management at University of Padua (Italy). Ph.D Thesis: e-business adoption model on large Italian companies. Post Doc. in Business Management. Consultant certified by ELA (European Logistics Association) - Strategic Management level - EMLog. 2000-2012: Visiting Professor of Logistics and Marketing at University of Padua Since 2000 he's management consultant in the fields of operations and marketing. Vice President of SCM Academy (Italian Association of Supply Chain Management), he collaborates with Italian logistics magazines and marketing magazines. Since 2009 he's senior teacher at Ministry of Transports. He has presented his studies in international congress and in Master in several italian Universities.


October 2016. He presented "Logistics Outsourcing and SMEs in Italy. Results from an analysis." at 10th Anniversary International Scientific Conference “Logistics in the Changing World” University of National and World Economy - Sofia - Bulgaria.
September 2016. He presented "Logistics Outsourcing. Why do any Italian SMEs adopt the externalization or not?" at Eurasia Business and Economics Society - Wien - A.
June 2016. He presented "Products suitable for ecommerce. A proposed model for click and bricks companies" at International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues - Crete - GR.
June 2015. He presented "E-complaint services for consumer goods. Results from an empirical analysis in Italian supermarkets" at International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues - London - UK.
Jannuary 2015. He presented "A dashboard for lean companies. A proposed model with the collaboration of ten italian large enterprises. " at Eurasia Business and Economics Society - Portugal.
October 2014. He presented "The wastes in lean marketing: a proposed taxonomy" at International Conference on Business Excellence - Romania.
June 2014. He presented "Wastes and tools in the lean marketing strategy: an exploratory study in the Italian SMEs" at International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues - Grecia.
May 2015. Trainer of Warehouse Management at United Nations - Logistics Base - Brindisi.